Flowbot's point-and-click user interface tools are easy enough for anyone to create, use and publish flows.

If you're a developer, you can use Flowbot's API and web-services to create and publish services, custom bots and advanced flows.


What is are bots?

A bot can be thought of as a single-purpose, "black box" application that uses services, flows, and elements to run automated tasks over the internet.


What are services?

Services are the apps and devices you use every day.

Flowbot makes it easy to connect and automate the flow of information to and from services like Gmail, Slack, GitHub.


What are flows?

Flows are configurations for bots. More specifically, a flow is a set of instructions for a bot, like a recipe that tells a bot what to do, how to do it, and when (or how often) it should be done.


What are elements?

Elements are tools that greatly simplify the creation of bots and flows. Currently, three types of elements are supported:

  1. Templates
  2. Content
  3. Data

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